Ink Jet Printer, Large Character & High Resolution Ink Jet Printer

Industrial inkjet printers of the company LEIBINGER are known for the highest flexibility. The range of application reaches from printing best before dates on packaging and …read more


JONECO HI-RES Intro Back in the time we had limited Marking on D.O.D Printer. Hi-Res Ink Jet Printer allows to print with Hiresolution with 200 DPI and also it allows to print …read more


inc.jet’s industrial inkjet printer solutions are truly maintenance free. Every time you change a cartridge when it is empty – and it only takes seconds to do – you get a brand new printer….read more


Integrated solution for Coding, Marking, Identification and Verification
  • PT. Dhass Sumber Tekhnik was started in 2005 to promote LEIBINGER Ink Jet Printer (Germany), in Indonesia market.

  • The mission and vision of PT. Dhass Sumber Tekhnik is to market lines of high-quality products that supports consumers in fast-growing manufacturers especially in Indonesia while gaining more good references from them in many years to come.

  • PT. Dhass Sumber Tekhnik believes its high-quality strategy has proven successful. Company will work closely with key manufacturers to build the relationships and alliances necessary to satisfy the high standards of quality for our customers.

  • Our branches office are located in : Cikarang, Bogor, Bandung, Semarang, Surakarta, Sidoarjo, Medan & Batam

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