Bandall | Dhass
The Standard Bandall Series

Brilliant and robust design. That’s what characterises Bandall’s banding systems. These high-quality products, of Dutch manufacture, are the innovation in banding and bundling.

The Standard Bandall Series bands...
  • rapidly and reliably, thanks to the patented band transport system;
  • economically and environmentally friendly, through reduced use of material - extremely thin paper or film;
  • printed or blank materials;
  • without damage, band tension can be adjusted with precision, achieving stable packaging;
  • cleanly, odour and smoke free, due to the ‘Ultra Clean Seal’ system;
  • with low energy costs, and minimal maintenance.

Customized configurations

Machines in the Standard Bandall Series are available in a wide range of channel sizes suitable for 28, 48, 75 and 100 mm bands. Bandall banding equipment is also available in Stainless Steel and in fully automatic models. Equipment may also be fi tted with an external reel holder, presses and positioning technology. In other words Bandall can be adapted to fulfi l any banding requirement.

Bandall banding systems have been developed for simple and effi cient operation. We guarantee easy and problem-free use.

The Standard Bandall Series offers:
  • a choice of:
    • automatic operation;
    • operation via hand or foot switch;
  • access to settings via touchscreen;
  • operation from both sides;
  • a variety of options, such as a positioning system, printer and bundle press;
  • channel widths to accommodate bands of 28, 48, 75 and 100 mm;
  • adjustable product guides;
  • castors with brakes;
  • easy and accurate selection of band tension.