Insight 5000
In-Sight 5000 Industrial Vision Systems
Industrial-grade design

The In-Sight 5000 series vision systems are the only industrial smart cameras in the world that provide industrial-grade features as standard:

  • Rugged die-cast aluminum (IP67) housing,
  • Sealed M12 connectors, and
  • Protective lens covers
Unmatched performance and reliability

Every In-Sight 5000 vision system model delivers best-in-class performance. Most models are equipped with a full library of proven Cognex vision tools through the easy to use In-Sight Explorer software.

Easy to deploy and maintain

With the In-Sight EasyBuilder® configuration software, even the most powerful vision tools are accessible to users with little vision experience. With In-Sight vision systems, you have the tools you need to keep your line operating on schedule and at full throughput:

  • TestRun system validation,
  • Cognex Connect suite of communications protocols, and
  • Cognex Explorer control center
In-Sight 5000 Models

Standard Resolution
Build of rugged, die-cast aluminium, with sealed M12 connectors, and an included protective lens cover, the In-Sight 5000 series models offer a wide array of performance choices, all with IP67 (NEMA 6) rated protection.

Models : 5100, 5400, 5600
High Resolution
When large parts need to be inspected small defects or precise measurements, turn to the high resolution models for greater accuracy. Up to a 5 megapixel version available.

Model : 5605
Includes the powerful ExtractColor tool to inspect color features of a part and the robust MatchColor tool to recognize parts based on their color.

Models : 5100C, 5400C
High Performance
The high-performance series offers a 1GHz processor running the Cognex vision tool library at the highest speeds to keep up with the fastest production lines. The 5600 is available in standard, high resolution, and line scan, for ultimate acquisition flexibility.

Model : 5600, 5603, 5604, 5605, 5610, 5613, 5614, 5615
Line Scan
The In-Sight Line Scan builts an image line-by-line, as a product moved past the system. This alternative method for aquiring images is suited to applications such as inspecting 360° around a cylindrical object, building high quality, high resolution images, and inspecting parts on a web.

Models : 5604, 5614
In-Sight ID readers use our unmatched identification software tool for reading and verifying 1-D and 2-D codes, and advanced OCR/OCV tools for reading and verifying text.

Model : 5605