Back in the time we had limited Marking on D.O.D Printer. Hi-Res Ink Jet Printer allows to print with Hi-resolution with 200 DPI and also it allows to print Graphics, Logos, Date, Time and Serial Numbers. Also this Ink-jet system can print Barcodes. You can choose the ink types depends on materials surface and also allows to choose print Capital Letter and Minuscule Letter.

HR-1100 Series | HR-2000 Series | HR-5000 Series
JONECO HR Series Ink-Jet Printer applied to the Piezo type print head with 180 dpi technology and JONECO HR Series can make the quality of your products.
HP-200 Series
JONECO HP-200 printer (cartridge exchange type) HP TIJ 2.5 was developing a technology based on and enable to support for LCD Touch-Screen with user-friendly interfaces.