Sealing made easy

The KDT turntable machine packages small to medium quantities using the latest machine technology and impresses with its low acquisition cost, reasonably priced format components and low energy consumption.

State-of-the-art machine technology for the packaging of small to mediumsized batches while keeping costs under control: the compact Turntable Machine KDT offers all you need to achieve this. In terms of costs, the low initial outlay, reasonably priced format parts and economical energy consumption speak in favor of the KDT. As far as technology is concerned, the machine design allows the sealing of the blister.

Compared to the Sliding Table KST, the KDT has a turntable with four sealing tools, which guarantee a higher cycle rate. Other features include a backing card placer, a sealing unit for thermal sealing as well as a product remover. The machine is controlled via an IPC and touchscreen with plain text display.

Benefits of the KDT

  • Reasonably priced format parts and fast format changeovers
  • Small footprint and low energy consumption
  • IPC control system with touchscreen, optional modem connection for remote diagnosis
  • Mobile as fitted with lockable casters

The KDT is equipped with a modern sealing station for the processing of blisters with card or paper lids.

An additional card placer system allows the feeding of different pack parts such as blanks for cardboard mono-materials or front cards for trapped blisters.

Optional components for high-frequency or ultrasonic sealing are available for the processing of different packaging materials.

Customized configuration enables you to add the components you need for your ideal, productive packaging process.


Technical data KDT

  • Blister depth              : 70 mm
  • Sealing format           : 250 x 360 mm
  • Sealing force             : 30 kN
  • Tool height                 : 50 or 70 mm
  • Output [cycles/min.]   : Sealing/sealing with front card placer: 10-12


Tried and tested technology: with high cycle rate, for large runs

The KBS-PL with linear pallet conveyor stands for packaging with large runs of the same or similar products with maximum productivity. And reliable processing of all common rigid films.

Maintaining maximum productivity in the packaging of large batches of the same or similar products with consistent processing of all standard rigid forming materials is a matter of course for the blister machine KBS-PL with linear pallet transport. Technical features of the KBS-PL include the large format area – suitable for large-format, stand-up blisters or hanging blisters with a standard hanger hole – as well as the pallet section, which can be served manually or by a robot handling system. The user-friendly, clear-cut design allows full control of production at all times.

Benefits of the KBS-PL

  • Modular line concept with numerous integration and extension options
  • Very high cycle rate
  • Clear-cut, robust machine design
  • State-of-the-art IPC control technology
  • User-friendly operation with touchscreen

To permit verified, documented reliability in accordance with international guidelines, the KBS-PL can be extended to incorporate systems for the inspection of blisters, products and cards. Furthermore, the modular, fully automated line concept of the KBS-PL allows the integration of additional components such as a punch, printing system or labeler. The addition or incorporation of a product feeder or suitable automated end-of-line packaging machines is another option for highly productive packaging tailored to the application.

Technical data KBS-PL

  • Forming area              : 250 x 500 mm
  • Forming depth            : 67 mm
  • Sealing format            : 238 x 580 mm
  • Output [cycles/min.]    : 20, depending on forming material, blister shape/size and sealing duration


Big in every way: Format, film diversity, functional reliability

The KBS-KF with chain guide packages diverse products with high output.

Whether blisters made out of flexible film or eco-friendly, mono-material PET with an inserted card; whether sealed as a stand-up blister or a clamshell that allows easy product removal and reclosure: the blister machine KBS-KF ensures high output for a wide variety of products. Furthermore, the stainless steel design complies with cleanroom standards for the packaging of medical products. The large forming and sealing format as well as a maximum forming depth of 70 mm permit the processing of bulky products as well as multi-part sets. The sealing technology is selected in accordance with the respective material, e.g. PE, PET, PVC, PLA, Tyvek® or aluminum. The KBS-KF is fitted with a smooth-running, robust chain conveyor, which ensures reliable, accurate product transfer from station to station as well as maximum machine uptime.

Benefits of the KBS-KF

  • Very high cycle rate
  • Processing of all standard types of forming material
  • Robust chain conveyor for maximum machine uptime
  • Low-cost format parts, no pallets or tool carriers required
  • Fast format changeovers
  • State-of-the-art IPC control technology
  • Servo-regulated drives ensure smooth running

The basic model of the KBS-KF for the forming, filling and sealing of blisters can be extended with additional components such as product feeders, full punches and end-of-line packaging machines as well as monitoring and marking systems. To ensure 100-percent quality control and compliance with specifications governing the safety of pharmaceutical and medical products, the KBS-KF can be fitted with inspection systems at all relevant positions of the packaging process. Furthermore, a suitable printing system can be incorporated if required for unique identification purposes in compliance with current seamless tracking and tracing regulations.


Technical data KBS-KF

  • Forming area              : 500 x 300 mm | 300 x 300 mm | 150 x 300 mm
  • Forming depth            : 70 mm
  • Sealing format            : 500 x 300 mm | 300 x 300 mm | 150 x 300 mm
  • Output [cycles/min.]    : 30, depending on forming material, blister shape/size and sealing duration