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Industrial inkjet printers of the company LEIBINGER are known for the highest flexibility. The range of application reaches from printing best before dates on packaging and marking black cables with white contrast inks.

By the use of solvent based inks, the print is smudge-proof after one second on glass, plastic or metal. The airtight nozzle seal guarantees the immediate start without cleaning procedures.


Leibinger inkjet printers code all conceivable products and materials, such as plastic, glass, wood, metal, ceramic, technical composite material, cardboard and paper without making contact using fixed and variable data.


How does the JET3up PI do it? The combination of a unique hydraulic system with an integrated ink agitator and a fully automated interval mode for production shutdowns means that the ink regularly circulates through the entire inkjet printer. These processes prevent the pigments from permanently setting, for instance in white, yellow or orange pigmented ink.


Micro printing is very useful when only a small print area is available on the product or when the marking is to be applied very discreetly. The JET3up MI inkjet coder allows even small products to be marked precisely at the right place—even if the print area is as small as a matchstick.


Typical examples of application for the JET3up PRO include printing on cans, plastic and glass bottles as well as packaging for cheese, meats and sausage and many other products from the food and beverage industry. The JET3up PRO has also proven itself in the construction material, medical technology and pharmaceutical industries. One example of this is the serialization of medications.


The high-performance LEIBINGER JET2neo inkjet printer is the ideal marking system for all daily tasks when marking different materials, products and surfaces in industry. High-quality materials, sophisticated technologies and the best production processes guarantee very long service life and absolute reliability.


The JET2neoS was developed specifically for smaller fonts and higher production speeds. The JET2neoS is equipped with all the advantages of the JET2neo series but features a smaller 60µ nozzle. This allows the CIJ printer to print considerably faster and finer than the JET2neo. The JET2neoS is tried-and-tested in the industrial marking of extrusion parts, food and drink packaging and plastics, among other uses.


The JET2neoD is suitable for use in somewhat dusty production environments and in environments with very small particles, such as sawdust. The special equipment of the JET2neoD keeps dust and particles out of the coder and the printhead, guaranteeing reliable marking.


A high degree of automation causes high production speeds. The capacity of the bottling system is always increasing and the extruder is always getting faster. What about the marking system for cable printing? Unfortunately, this system often does not measure up to the high speeds and thus inevitably slows down the production process. This is aggravating for the company. The company's own productivity is thwarted by a single element of the value chain: the inkjet printer.

LEIBINGER Jet3 UP EP and Jet2neo EP

Many countries around the world already require standardized egg coding. Increasingly, producers are being required to print information directly onto eggs or egg cartons, such as a manufacturer code, the laying date or other production-related information. But egg coding can create significant added value for both the consumer and the producer even when the process is not mandated by law.