Jet3up_EP and Jet2neo_EP

Intuitive, Affordable, Reliable

Small Character Thermal Inkjet

User-friendly and reliable printing solution

idTIJ from Macsa ID offers a compact, simple and easy to use coding solution with high-resolution printing.

idJet Compact

High perfromance

Simple coding system with the last innovations in inkjet technology, printing up to 150 mts/min

Simple and user-friendly interface

Intuitive and easy to use touch screen

Reliable and durable

Designed for industrial applications

Cost efficient and affordable

No spare parts needed, virtually maintenance-free and low capital investment

Excellent print quality and legibility

Up to 600 dpi resolution

Quick and easy change of consumables

Cartridge-based ink

Training, service, support

No need for dedicated technicians

Clean and safe

No mess, no additional chemicals required

Low maintenace

No serviceable parts, only occasional cleaning required

Easy to use and flexible

Cartridge can be changed by any user, can be integrated in any process, well proven technology (food, pharma...)

idTIJ from Macsa ID is intuitive and user-friendly

Macsa ID touch screen (10”) is a new & fresh user interface that permits an easy installation, operation and service of the TIJ printer. It is fully tactile to improve & facilitate the user experience.

idTIJ, the new small character inkjet printer, interfaces with the powerful proprietary marking software Marca TIJ by Macsa ID that makes easier to code and mark precisely and consistently.

Marca TIJ is a user-friendly software that allows the user to create messages with text, logos and all types of 1D & 2D codes. It also incorporates comprehensive management of the cartridge usage:

  • Ink consumption calculator:
    • Estimation of ink left based on the message being printed and resolution used.
    • Real time indicator of the number of prints remaining.

  • Automatic adjustment of the print parameters
    • based on the type of ink.

  • Cartridge Expiration Date warning

IdTIJ inkjet printer from Macsa ID is based on HP TIJ technology. Its range of cartridge inks offers a high-quality coding and marking solution for all kinds of applications.

Macsa ID offers a wide range of inks:

  • For porous and non-porous substrates
  • High quality and fast dry
  • Strong adhesion