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How to select the most economical serialization machine? To print codes, especially serial code on products, packed in cuboid carton boxes, a full range of various machines as shown below is available to cover specific customer needs. Depending on the legal requirements and the requirements of your factory production infrastructure, different performance parameters must be fulfilled, requiring specific coding machine design concepts.


AMACENA is an enterprise level, integrated, comprehensive soft¬ware suite to manage serialization / Track & Trace data from the production lines up to corporate level where interfaces allow data exchange with governmental servers.


The Hicof AMACODER is a revolutionary serialization machine with temper evident label applicator, based on an intermittent box transport mechanism.The line, made with Swiss craftmanship is only 1.08 m long, providing high quality output and low reject rates.


The Hicof AMAPLAN is a line of super compact flat carton serialization machines for intermittent and continuouss operation. High format flexibility with short chabgeover times are key advantages that are fulfilled. The machine is made in Switzerland and offers high production throughput while having low reject rates.


The Hicof AMAJOINERS are manual aggregation sta¬tions. Some of them are equipped with a high resolution overhead camera for efficient manual aggregation. This allows low cost aggregation of serialized products to shipping cases and pallets.


The AMAPACKER as a semi-automatic case packer which automatically loads cartons or bundles in one or more layers into pre-formed shipping cases placed in position by an operator. One operator can pack up to 150 boxes per minutes and at the same time all aggregation processes are done by the machine in the background.

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