Dhass Tehknik Utama


All inc.jet industrial inkjet printer components are manufactured to precise tolerances using only high-quality grade materials. From the stainless steel bodies of the .CORE heads to the industrial grade electronics designed for shock and heat, inc.jet’s rugged industrial inkjet printer solutions deliver consistent print quality, even in the most demanding situations.


inc.jet’s industrial inkjet printer solutions are truly maintenance free. Every time you change a cartridge when it is empty – and it only takes seconds to do – you get a brand new printer. No costly repairs, no downtime, no keeping spare parts on hand and no calling in expensive technicians.


The total cost of ownership is the true measure of any solution. With zero maintenance, a higher uptime than other industrial inkjet printer technologies and efficient high-volume production capabilities, inc.jet’s industrial inkjet printer solutions are effective in driving down costs and keeping them there.


Package coding solutions from inc.jet save our customers thousands of dollars every year. Using thermal inkjet technology from HP means that every time you change a cartridge (and that’s a 5-second operation), you are replacing your packaging printer’s print head – no planned maintenance, no expensive external companies visiting you, no specially trained employees.


We know that reliability is one of the most important aspects of your packaging processes. After all you want to spend all your time marking on your product not maintaining your packaging printers. inc.jet’s solutions have proven time after time to be the most reliable and low-maintenance packaging printers available.

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