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Digitalization: then basis for production optization

Many companies in virtually all industries worldwide are actively involved with the digitalization and automation of their value chains.
The goal is to increase efficiency, productivity and sustainability. The great potential of digitalization is being recognized across the board, from big players to small and medium-sized producers. The “smart factory” is within reach –through data transparency, networking and smart resource planning.
LeibingerConnect is <b>Leibinger’s cloud-based platform</b> for the smart networking of Leibingercoding and marking systems and the value-oriented use of the available data.

What is Leibinger Connect?

Leibinger Connect is a digital, cloud-based software platform primarily intended to collect print and machine-related data from a number of “connected” Leibinger printers and to make this data available for the purpose of information, alerting and further processing.
The system is based on state-of-the-art technologies and was developed by Leibinger specifically to meet the coding and marking requirements of a broad user group.

How can Leibinger Connect be access?

Leibinger Connect can be accessed via the web interface from any end device:

  • Smart Phone
  • Tablet
  • Desktop PC
Its ultra-responsive design automatically adapts the display to any screen size.

Three subject areas:

Task Planning

Remote Support

Data Transparency

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