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JET2 neo-D continuous inkjet printer

The continuous inkjet system for dusty production environments

  • Dust and particles are kept out of the continuous inkjet printer.
  • Defense against dust thanks to a closed rear panel.
  • Housing and printhead ventilation protects from dust.
The LEIBINGER JET2neoD industrial inkjet printer is the perfect marking system for standard applications in production environments with small amounts of dust. The continuous inkjet printer is suitable for use in somewhat dusty production environments and in environments with very small particles, such as sawdust. In addition to all benefits and functions of the LEIBINGER JET2neo and JET2neoS series, the JET2neoD continuous inkjet printer is equipped with three more features that allow it to be used in dusty production environments.

The three dust-protection features

  1. The closed back panel prevents dust and particles from getting into the printer.
  2. The active housing ventilation guarantees that the printer will be ventilated and protects the electronics from dust.
  3. The head ventilation generates a small amount of positive air pressure in the printhead. Even when there is dust present right on the marking position and when printing from below, the printhead always remains dust-free.
The JET2neoD is suitable for use in somewhat dusty production environments and in environments with very small particles, such as sawdust. The special equipment of the JET2neoD keeps dust and particles out of the coder and the printhead, guaranteeing reliable marking.

Fully automated monitoring

For maximum production safety, the JET2neoD is also equipped with fully automatic monitoring of the air supply. The system recognizes when the compressed air fails and immediately initiates the predefined steps, such as a warning signal or a machine stop.

Standardized protection class

The JET2neoD with a protection class of IP54 is an ideal marking system for production in somewhat dusty environments. For customers who need a standardized, dust-proof device with special functions, the LEIBINGER JET3up PRO with IP 65 is the top choice!

Automated Sealtronic nozzle seal

The JET2neoD, like all LEIBINGER continuous inkjet systems, is equipped with the automated Sealtronic nozzle seal. The unique Sealtronic system prevents the ink from drying out in the nozzle or in the gutter. The JET2neoD is ready to use immediately, even after long shut-down periods. The nozzle and gutter form an airtight circuit for this. Thus, the ink in the continuous inkjet printer always remains liquid, just like paint in a tightly sealed paint can.

Wide ink selection

  • Variety of colored inks and soft pigmented inks.
  • Fast-drying solvent inks.
  • MEK-free, ketone-free and alcohol-based inks.
  • Temperature-resistant inks.
  • PVC inks (transfer-resistant).
  • Security inks, color changing inks, adhesive inks, fluorescent inks, sterilization and alcohol resistant inks, food packaging inks.
  • Food-grade ink and food packaging inks.
  • Washable inks Customized inks
Ink colors: black, yellow, red, blue, green

The advantages of the JET2 neo-S series at a glance

  • Automated “Sealtronic“ nozzle seal—ink no longer dries out.
  • Starts in seconds at the push of a button.
  • Windows-based operating system.
  • Color TFT-Touch display with large operating elements and various menu languages.
  • Many functions, including a graphics editor.
  • Two macro buttons that can be assigned individually and enable quick access to certain areas.
  • Resolution up to 24 drops.
  • Prints up to 4 lines.
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